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What's Really Driving the Fuller Lip Trend?


A quick scroll through Instagram may leave you with the impression that full lips are in style at this very moment

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How Trump Got Caught in a Ridiculous Lie About Inauguration Gowns Being Sold Out


Here's a ridiculous sentence: Donald Trump recently lied about there being a shortage of gowns in Washington DC stores in anticipation of his inauguration on Jan. 20.

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Meryl Streep's Golden Globes dress


Last night's 74th Golden Globes saw actors and actresses strut their stuff on the red carpet

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Fashion History Expert Cameron Silver on Collecting George Michael's Iconic Outfits


A woman brought this jacket into the store about five years ago.

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In 2017, This Trend Will Replace the Naked Dress and Dominate Red Carpets


Where Michelle Obama and Kendall Jenner tread in fashion

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Pakistan receives huge applause at the London New Year's Day Parade


Hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets of central London as a blockbuster-themed parade celebrating the start of the new year

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The Year’s Top Stories From the Fashion World


Fashion may never quite recover from 2016. The most memorable thread of the last 12 months had less to do with clothes than existential self-doubt.

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Wedding Jumpsuits Make A Comeback


Let’s face it – many prospective brides planning a spring 2017 wedding will likely have their wedding gowns already

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Amir Khan’s parents slam his wife for her un-Islamic dress code


The boxer’s parents have slammed daughter-in-law Faryal’s abuse allegations and revealed they came to blows with her after demanding she change her “unacceptable” celebrity dresses code.

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Why ‘Greenery’ will be the key fashion word this spring


If you’re not yet familiar with the word ‘Greenery’ in fashion terms, then you’re about to be.

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