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Amir Khan’s parents slam his wife for her un-Islamic dress code


The boxer’s parents have slammed daughter-in-law Faryal’s abuse allegations and revealed they came to blows with her after demanding she change her “unacceptable” celebrity dresses code.

The catwalk model, 25, who married Amir, 30, in 2013, claimed this week that she was subject to verbal and physical abuse by her in-laws, including being slapped and having a remote control hurled at her.

Amir and Faryal posed for pictures with his parents Falak and Shah, and her parents

But speaking about the rift for the first time, Amir‘s dad Sajad said: “Faryal was adopting a dress code which in the Islamic faith was not acceptable. I am a father to two daughters whom I have treated exactly the same way as I have treated Faryal.

“All this started with the issue of dressing. We kept asking Amir to tell her not to adopt such a dress code. And even if she had to wear such dresses, please don’t post it on social media.

“Every family sees ups and downs. We always strived for reconciliation between Amir and Faryal.”

Insiders say Amir’s parents have been shocked by Faryal’s decision to wear tight clothing that flaunts her figure and stomach and dresses which show off her legs.

Amir’s mum Falak added: “I asked her not to wear such dresses and to take the dupatta (scarf), but she never listened.

“After that, we asked Amir but he told us to convey this to Faryal’s mother because she does not listen to him either.”

Boxing champ Amir also spoke about the situation but refused to be drawn on it.

He said: “My wife said something, my sister said something else, these are routine matters.”

Amir’s dad Sajjad also hit out at Faryal for her accusations of bullying.

He said in a statement: “I, nor my family, have anything to justify for anyone for what Faryal has falsely accused my family of doing. It is inevitable that she is seeking publicity via the wrong methods.

“The last 5 days have been extremely difficult to digest. The main reason for this has been the extent to which my daughter-in-law Faryal, who my whole family, have held in high esteem, proceeded to fabricate allegations against a family that has done no less but give Faryal the same level of love and respect as we have to our own daughters.

“As a family we have witnessed the extent to which Faryal has attempted to ridicule her in-laws but we are extremely grateful toe everyone who has recognised over the last three years the limitless love and affection that we have displayed towards Faryal.”

Amir Khan has since waded into the row himself by hitting out at his wife AND his parents in a rant on Twitter.

In a message posted on Twitter tonight, he wrote: “I apologise on the silly picture [sic] and message my wife Faryal put up.

“Here is me working my ass off helping the less fortunate with charity dinners and my family and wife are destroying my name.

“I didn’t want to get involved in this mess…

“My parents are my parents and my wife is my wife.

“Whatever misunderstanding has happened, they should keep it private.

“This is getting to the point where they will lose a son & a husband.

“Childish behaviour. Both parties need to stop this. I’ve had enough.”

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