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One red hot housewife!


She was the quintessential girl next door in Desperate Housewives, but there was nothing dowdy about Teri Hatcher's ensemble as she stepped out at a charity event.

The mother-of-one proved she looks better than ever as she attended The 2016 Children's Hospital Gala in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Telly favourite: Teri was propelled to fame thanks to Lois & Clark back in 1993 and cemented her star status in steamy series Desperate Housewives

The 51-year-old actress was in high spirits as she posed in a head-turning, off the shoulder purple prom dresses that showed off her athletic figure at The Event Deck.

Strutting her stuff in a floor-length scarlet gown, Teri looked every inch the Hollywood diva as she joined stars including Katy Perry and Drew Barrymore.

Her slender frame was perfect for the form fitting gown that was off the shoulder -showing off her toned arms to the max.

The star put on a leggy display showing off her toned body through a slit in the dress as she put her best foot forward in sparkly gold slippers on the night.

Showing off her natural beauty, Teri kept her make-up to the minimum as she hit the red carpet.

Her gorgeous eyes looked fab with a hint of mascara and a slick of nude lipstick perfected her pout.

Teri's brunette hair was gently teased into natural curls that fell above her shoulder and looked vibrant with a few blonde highlights put through the ends.

Katy Perry swung by The Event Deck at LA Live to perform at the Once Upon A Time Gala thrown by Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

The 31-year-old was a showstopper on the red carpet, wearing a gold gown splattered with a glittering purple and green floral pattern.

She posed for a selfie with a strapless Drew Barrymore, who'd turned up to be garlanded with one of the three Courage To Care Awards dispensed that evening.

Teri was propelled to fame thanks to Lois & Clark back in 1993 and cemented her star status in steamy series Desperate Housewives.

And now the industry veteran has been keeping herself busy on the career front - starring in the comedy flick Sundown which was released in summer, alongside Camilla Belle and Sara Paxton.

Teri shares daughter Emerson, 18, with ex-husband actor Jon Tenney.

The lookalike mother and daughter duo are regularly spotted hitting the gym and grabbing a bite to eat with her famous mother.

'The older she gets, now things are beginning to come more and more from her. This idea of wanting to really help education locally in our community really came from her.'

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