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she ditches the bra in low-cut red dress


Sam - who recently teamed up with Rare to cherry pick her favourite party pieces - proved her yummy mummy status as she showed off her ample cleavage in this eye-popping red 2016 prom dresses uk that boasted a dangerously low-cut bustier-style neckline and a leg-flashing split to boot!

Sam Faiers shows off her cleavage in Rare London dress, Instagram, 26 October 2016

Have you ever seen her look so foxy? Hello, boobs!

The mum-of-one drew gasps (of the good kind, duh!) as she showed off her teeny tiny waist and honey-hued locks which were blow-dried to perfection.

She captioned the snap, that has already racked up 17.3K likes (and counting), "Feeling very Jessica rabbit in my Gorgeous red dress! #SamFaiersPartyEdit with @Officialrarelondon #SamFaiersxRareLondon."

Of course, the comments started to flood in and everyone was just as mesmerised as us!

One tagged a friend and wrote, "For the party? Could you even imagine?!" alongside a string of lustful heart-eyes emojis, while another said, "Omg, how beautiful are you though?"

In a recent interview with Reveal, Sam spilled the beans on her super-exciting collaboration with Rare, but mentioned that as a busy mum, her very own collection isn't on the cards at the moment.

Talking about glamming up on the shoot, she said, "I hadn't put on dresses like that since before I was pregnant. It was so nice to glam up, to do a photoshoot and just feel great in all of the little dresses. It felt like I hadn't done it for years!"

Even though she looks amazing in the snap, Sam revealed that she finds it difficult to short cocktail dresses up and head out nowadays!

"Paul and I haven't actually had a night off yet, can you believe it?," she said.

"We've had date nights but the baby has always been there, so we haven't really had much alone time. He is getting bigger and becoming a lot more independent, though. He's on solids now and it's becoming a bit easier because he's breastfeeding less and that frees up time for me. We do keep saying, "We need to go out!" but we haven't done it yet! Soon!



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