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We Now Know Uterus Dresses Are a Thing, Thanks to Tove Lo


Every now and then, celebrity fashion can start to feel a little stuffy. Especially when every star on the red carpet shares the same small set of stylists which means we often see an endless parade of almost identically dressed famous women clad in chokers, velvet, sheer skirts and thigh-high boots. Thankfully, however, pop stars tend to be the exception to this rule, favoring over-the-top apparel (read: the more outlandish the better). But Tove Lo may have just taken the cake for the most head-turning apparel of 2016, wearing a totally sheer, uterus-printed formal dresses.

On Tuesday, the Swedish singer attended the 2016 Aria Music Awards in Australia. For her appearance at the event her stylist Crap Diem worked with fellow Swede, designer Emelie Janrell, to create a totally custom sheer orange mini dress featuring a bright red, sparkly uterus right where her real life organs would be. Diem finished off the look with a coordinated red bra and underwear, yellow and black striped socks, and great platform, lace-up boots from H&M.

It’s not exactly a surprising choice given the pop star has an album called Lady Wood, plans on getting a tattoo of a vagina, and has been extremely outspoken about nudity and sex, making it clear women have nothing to be ashamed about.

So while many of you are headed home over this long weekend dreading that inevitable moment when the election comes up in conversation over the dinner table, instead of engaging in the usual shouting match and tears, this year perhaps we should all take a page out of Tove Lo’s book instead and try wearing our personal politics on our proverbial sleeves, or laps, as the case may be. At the very least, wearing a big, glittery uterus on your person is a great way to get people to change the subject, and fast.

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