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Meryl Streep's Golden Globes dress


Last night's 74th Golden Globes saw actors and actresses strut their stuff on the red carpet, collect their awards, nod their heads graciously and some, say a few words.

Meryl Streep stunned viewers last night as she, ever so eloquently, slammed US President-elect Donald Trump , while receiving her life time achievement award.

Stood in front of her peers, collecting her award, she spoke from her heart expressing her opinions about the President-elect, without even saying his name.

The Givenchy haute couture blue prom dresses was simple, with eye-catching embellishment

Meryl Streep's Golden Globes 2017 speech in full: Star lashes out at US President-elect Donald Trump

We noticed that Meryl not only spoke like a leader, but looked like one too.

Her full-length black gown by designer Givenchy, with full-length sleeves and v-neckline with sharp shoulders gave off an air of power and grace.

The simple dress which was embellished with big gems resembled that of armour, but still had a delicate side to it, in its muted colours and what appeared to be floral shapes.

She wasn't dazzling in jewels, nothing was over the top, but it was a subtle message that showed she meant business. The stones all had sharp edges like shards of glass and crossed her body like she was ready for battle.

Never one to royal blue prom dresses outrageously, Meryl kept to her usual style of black and showed off her amazing figure at 67. She's never overly revealing or in any way, mutton like many before her. Ahem, Susan Sarandon ...

Her amazing gown was paired with her usual signature chignon hair style and glasses.

Needless to say, with her amazing speech or not, Meryl looked amazing and has well and truly proved, not only is she a Hollywood icon, but she is a fashion icon too.



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