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Dress up: Gretna teen selected as Omaha Fashion Week designer


Miranda Hanson dreams of one day designing costumes on Broadway.

The 16-year-old Gretna teen now has come closer to making that dream come true with her selection as one of 55 designers to be featured in Omaha Fashion Week this August.

GB Hanson 2

“I attended a student night in March, and thought ‘I can do that,’” Hanson said. “But then I actually got into the full program, not just the student night.”

Omaha Fashion Week is the nation’s fifth largest fashion event, and each year showcases independent fashion designers while providing mentoring and educational opportunities. This year the event will be Aug. 22 through Aug. 27.

For the event, Hanson is creating eight pieces based on a proposal she presented earlier this spring to a selection panel of six professionals. She was chosen for the interview round based on a long written application and a website of her designs. Based on her presentation and the one item she brought to show the selection panel, she was chosen for the showcase.

“It was pretty scary,” Hanson said. “I didn’t think I did very well, but I guess I did since I made it.”

Hanson’s collection of women’s ready-to-wear items will be showcased on Aug. 23 as part of Omaha Fashion Week. Her collection features summery colors and lots of detail. She has been hard at work on the pieces, even spending hours in study halls during school to do some of the hand stitching.

The effort already has begun to pay off for Hanson in the many opportunities Omaha Fashion Week provides for its young designers.

Hanson attended a weeklong fashion camp in mid-June and found the experience working with designers and sewing instructors to be invaluable.

One of the projects during the week was to create a completely new garment from two used clothing items, and Hanson created a two-piece outfit from two maxi skirts. Her design was chosen as a winner, and so, in addition to her collection being shown on the runway Aug. 23, she will be one of six campers to showcase their designs on platforms before the runway shows start during Omaha Fashion Week.

Hanson is no stranger to creating fashion designs. She has been sewing since she was 8 years old.

“My grandma Mary gave me her sewing machine, and I’ve been sewing ever since,” Hanson said.

She has taken on quite a variety of larger projects through the years. One of her first was to create evening dresses uk for a school production of “Beauty and the Beast” while she was in fifth grade at Palisades Elementary School.

“I didn’t really like the dresses, but others did,” she said.

While in middle school, she sold what she guesses to be about 300 tutus and 100 dresses at McKinney’s Food Center, her grandfather’s store.

“It just got to be too much, so I stopped,” said Hanson, who now designs and creates homecoming dresses and other garments for herself and her friends.

Hanson, an incoming junior at Gretna High School, also had the chance to create several costumes for the school’s One Act production this past school year. The play told the story of Noah and the Ark, and Hanson created two parrot and two chicken costumes for the production.

“[Director Carole Carraher] told me what she wanted and then let me interpret it from there,” Hanson said.

Hanson finds her inspiration everywhere and spends a lot of time drawing. She takes art classes at school and at home has her own craft room, which is overflowing with fabrics, materials and thread. She often sees different elements she likes in other designers’ works or on the red carpet and pulls it all together to create her own style.

“I really like fashion,” Hanson said. “I get halfway into stuff and change what I’m doing all the time. It’s so rewarding to see a finished project and know that you made it.”

Hanson plans to study fashion design in college once she graduates from high school, but for now she’s focusing on the upcoming Omaha Fashion Week.

“I’m such a procrastinator,” Hanson said. “I’m trying to stay on top of it for the show though.”

Being part of Omaha Fashion Week means Hanson’s collection will be modeled on the runway and then be part of an invitation-only sale afterward. The showcase provides the stylists, the publicity and the show itself to the designers at no cost.

“We really don’t pay anything, other than the cost of materials,” Hanson said. “They really do a lot for us.”

The opportunity is one she is enjoying and looks forward to all it can mean for her dreams.

“It’s an opportunity to get my name out there and meet people,” Hanson said.

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