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Emma Hawkins thrilled to have stolen wedding dress back


EMMA Hawkins is smiling like a bride again after she got her wedding dresses back.

The wife of Geelong star Tom Hawkins was devastated when her car was stolen with the Sonia Cappellazzo celebrity dresses uk inside just after their wedding in March.

She posted on her social media yesterday: “Smiles all around ... long and very strange story, but they are back and I couldn’t be happier.”

Hawkins told the Herald Sun she couldn’t comment too much further as the matter of the car and dresses is still under investigation.

“I had totally given up hope,’’ she said.

“To me, they were long gone, so I’m thrilled to have them back. Whilst we had amazing photos and no one could take away the memories we made that day, it’s comforting having the dresses back in one piece.

“I can’t help but think I will use the second dress for something in the near future and to have the celebrity inspired dresses I was married in back, it just holds so much sentimental value.”




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