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My Boyfriend Hates Waist Training - Princess Shyngle


Ghana-based Gambian actress/ model, Princess Shyngle, has disclosed that her boyfriend hates the sight of waist trainers.

The curvaceous actress has been in the news mostly for her use of waist trainers, which has earned her an hour glass-shaped body figure.

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Princess Shyngle was a guest on Viasat1’s flagship morning show, This Morning on Monday to discuss waist trainers and the recent craze for it by Ghanaian ladies. Speaking to hosts, Patrice Amegashie and Kokui Selormey, the actress said she has known her boyfriend for a long time, so her figure has nothing to do with him. However, he hates waist training.

“I’m dating someone that hates the sight of waist training, so whenever I’m around him, I don’t wear it because he hates it,” she revealed. “He does things I don’t like as well…he loves to watch football…I hate football, so he has to deal with something I like, and I’ll deal with something he likes as well.”She explained that waist trainers are not as bad as being speculated, saying that they are latex forms of corset that help to lose fats around the tummy area.

Princess also debunked rumours that she has taken off some of her ribs to put up that shape. Princess emphatically stated that she is not waist training to gain admiration from men, because men have always admired her even before she started using it.

News went viral some months ago that another popular curvaceous actress, Moesha Buduong, had collapsed because her waist trainer was too tight, something she later denied. Elaborating further, Princess denied that some women wear multiple waist trainers at a time.

“First of all, it doesn’t even make sense that you wear four waist trainers, darling. Because if at all you’re trying to wear it to flatten your tummy, if you wear four, (your tummy) it’s going to be big…it’s going to be so uncomfortable,” she argued.

Princess Shyngle said she had never had any side effects and that she is perfectly healthy, according to her gynaecologist. She also talks about how waist training has affected her career, among others. Princess Shyngle has featured in several TV series and movies including ‘5 Brides’, ‘Jack and Jill’, ‘Family Album’, 'Why Should I Get Married’, and many others.

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